Multiple Scheduled

Multiple Scheduled Backgrounds

With Custom Backgrounds for WordPress version 3.0 we have introduced option to add multiple images to a background and schedule when you want them to appear. This feature makes it possible for you to create backgrounds that change during the day, week, month or year. Only your imagination sets the limits for what this can be used for.

The background on this page is composed by 11 different images showing the sunrise, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, sunset and night. The background is set to be visible from 05-01-2011 to 05-01-2014. You can set the date and time individually for each image. Secondly we’ve set a specific time frame for each image to be visible.

First time you enter a website with Custom Backgrounds for WordPress installed a cookie detecting the browsers local time is set. This is an example from my browser when visiting

This means GMT -4 hours (4 x 60 = 240 minutes), which means we are located on the East Coast of USA.

When you enter the website your browser will show a different number depending on where you are in the world. In order to test the different backgrounds how they look in different times of the day you can use the links below (please notice that this will show how the background will look at the specific time if you were on the East Coast of the US. You can replace the 240 in the link with the number that is written in your browser first time you enter this page)

The cookie that is set is using the 24 hour clock. If you are not familiar with how that works look below.

12 hour clock 24 hour clock
12:00am 00:00
01:00am 01:00
02:00am 02:00
03:00am 03:00
04:00am 04:00
05:00am 05:00
06:00am 06:00
07:00am 07:00
08:00am 08:00
09:00am 09:00
10:00am 10:00
11:00am 11:00
12:00pm 12:00
01:00pm 13:00
02:00pm 14:00
03:00pm 15:00
04:00pm 16:00
05:00pm 17:00
06:00pm 18:00
07:00pm 19:00
08:00pm 20:00
09:00pm 21:00
10:00pm 22:00
11:00pm 23:00


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