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Pages by User Role – Try before you buy

This plugin lets you restrict access to a Page, Post or Custom Post Type depending on which Role the user has. It removes the Page, Post or Custom Post Type from search results and blog roll. You can hide Page from the menu when the user is not logged in.

You can also set a specific redirect URL for users that don’t have the required User Role.

If you want to try how this works then simply login as one of the following User Roles below:

Try before you buy!


In the menu I’ve created pages for the following user Roles: Subscriber, Contributor, Author and Editor. You can only see these pages once you login. However in order to see how the plugin works you can also try and access one of the pages without being logged in.


User Name: Subscriber
Password: TryMeNow


Username: Contributor
Password: TryMeNow


Username: Author
Password: TryMeNow


Username: Editor
Password: TryMeNow

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